hacked be

  • list of more than 100 .be websites hacked

    RSS feed .be hacked sites

    some have been cleaned since but there are still some very interesting hacks lingering in it (or archived)

    * some hosters who have lost control of a page in their online sitemanagement

    * some sites that are

    * some commercial sites


    internetsecurity is under control you have said ?  There is no problem ?

    Maybe hacked sites that nobody cares about and that stay hacked xxxx days or hours after the alerting of the official owners should be taken out of the air, like cars with broken brakes.

    some of the sites have been found by the use of Google dorks because these sites were not mentioned to zone-h.org by their hackers.


  • leerkrachtenparadijs.be hacked (is this your teacher)

    there are still many old en new .be sites that are hacked

    a funny one is