• injecting search terms (pharma, porn) on sites to fool search engines

    If you can hack sites and place stupid comments about Israël, non-muslims, kurds and the US for starters, than you can do the same and place search terms that can uplift your sites or ads in search-engines.

    It is necessary to do this in normal sites that have otherwise no other reputation problem so the search engine will index the links and search terms and links as normal content.

    This means that schools, arts sites, sportclubs, individual sites and so on are the prime target for this kind of insertion attack


    when typing "canadian healthcare" in Google there are some sites that pop up but have nothing to do with illicit pharmacies or healthcare

    for example

    purchase real name brand viagra ordering viagra online viagra with ...

    canadian healthcare propecia · cialis viagra online · get viagra without prescription · cheap propecia professional · buy viagra online usa ... - Cached

    It is a normal website for some small art festival but on the frontpage somebody injected a long list of links like

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    that all go to another domainextension without much doubt : edu  (already cleaned)

    You really have no security without quality and no quality without security.

    There are an enormous list of examples.

  • how legal is an european private online hospital

    This is part of an international network of sites and operators out of Switzerland. They give the impression of being medical and responsable and say that they work with doctors and lists of questions, but how can you make a real professional judgement if you don't see, touch and examine your patient ?

    Ok, some medications in Europe are sold to the public in one country and are only available after prescription (but their composition may not be the same)

    On their belgian FAQ site they say that it is up for the patient to research if it is legal for them to buy those drugs. This is the world on its head. It is up for the operator to be sure that he or she has the legal capacity to sell those things online in the country he is sending the drugs to.

    It is rather ridiculuous to have all kinds of websites (even bigger ones) refusing to send blanc dvd's to Belgium because of our law on copyright taxes and having at the same time illegal private hospitals playing illegaly online doctor and pharmacy in our country.

    Nobody will be harmed by a package of blanc DVDR but they sure will by an overdose of or badly taken drugs. (last question)

  • Rapport Gezonheid en microgolven (ook wifi)

    Uit het rapport van de Hoge Gezondheidsgraad

    Hoewel tot nu toe niet experimenteel bewezen, toont de wiskundige benadering in de bijlagen aan dat het erg aannemelijk is dat biologische systemen kunnen demoduleren en dus onder invloed kunnen staan van de ELF (Extreme Low Frequency) afkomstig van gepulseerde en gemoduleerde golven.

    Nederlands rapport / Français /

    Addendums (nederlands, Français, English)