• Joomla security center : a must bookmark if you still Joomla

    And as we thought, the attacks against Joomla will be going on for some time untill they have found some other software that has  no real update distribution and security center.

    you MUST Upgrade to latest Joomla! version (1.5.7 or newer).

  • Public Service kills Joomla site after publication

    The public service had a Joomla site last week. So while all the Joomla hacking was and is still making its rounds, journalists asked for examples of Belgian governmental Joomla sites. They were one of them that could be found by Google. Maybe there are more, but if you clean every word Joomla from the site and code than it is difficult to find them with Google.

    So when the article about the new manifest about cybersecurity was published today in an important newspaper this site was mentioned as one that is using Joomla, which isn't a very smart decision taking into account all the difficulties the Joomla organisation had getting the update out in time after the hacking had started.

    They have killed their Joomla site since and put back an old site. Who cares, we care about the content not about all the rest.

    Good decision. Keep it simple, that's not stupid.

    If Joomla wants to get our trust back, they will have to earn it, not just suppose they should have it.