• Flemish minister of culture under fire from copyright association

    So what is the big deal ?

    He placed on his blog a service that let your visitors listen to music that you have selected.

    The copyright association SABAM was not really happy because he didn't have the right to do so because he didn't ask for the permission. In fact in Belgium according to SABAM you have to pay for each number you play. And according to some courts linking to songs or other copyrighted material without paying could make you a complice.

    So when he changed the service by links to youtube videos he still isn't really out of the hot water, as long as he isn't sure that each artists agreed to the posting of the video on youtube and agreed that the video could be embedded elsewhere





    when I look at the list of the flemish minister of culture, than it surprises me at one side that there are so few flemish songs and that aside from the english ones, there is so few diversity. As if he doesn't like one french, german, spanish song. Or as if there was not one classical piece of music that he likes ?

    I think this blog is a danger for himself......

    "If you don't think about what you do online, the things online will undo you" (belsec)

  • important belgian populist politician may lose logo

    Dedecker said yesterday that he was the rightful owner of the name and logo that was made for his party during the last elections and that he counted on using again untill there was a fallout with the advertising man.

    The sale on ebay has been halted and there are trials ahead but it is not sure that he may win those.

    As we have said yesterday and today has been confirmed by people who are much more educated in these matters than we are (and who are we) it all depends on what is in the contract (and more especially what is not). So it seems that the advertises bought the full artistic rights from the designer but sold to DeDecker only the USE of the logo and the name.

    The easiest thing to do would be to throw it all in the dustbin and not to use it anymore. Every party changes soomething in its name or logo every election around here. And even last election there was some discussion if the party should be called by the name of its frontman or not. At the time it seemed the best thing to do.

    Now it could be something like

    Gezond Verstand (the main name) -  Lijst Dedecker (as subtitle)

    For the rest you change the title and color and the problem will go out of the media and you can concentrate on more important things.

    I hope they have registrered the right domainnames.....

    So get back to your contracts and look if you have the full author, patent and artistic rights to the graphical work you have bought.