Weblinks for today

http://www.furl.net/item/31036045 What goes wrong when you make a web2.0 application - except for all the security and privacy issues that you don't want to hear about

http://www.furl.net/item/31036022 change your ringtone for free (and don't get a text that you have to pay for afterwards)

http://www.furl.net/item/31020902 mobiles are replacing wallets in Japan, so this will make mobile malware code worthwhile.... Are the telecom operators ready ?

http://www.furl.net/item/31020018 all the twitter tools you may need if you are going to use this tool for alerts

http://www.furl.net/item/31016163 webcensorship all over the world

http://www.furl.net/item/31015891 "view source" is still the most unencrypted unhidden and unprotected command on the web

http://www.furl.net/item/31015777  Information overload is the hype for this year. What will they launch now ? "Information management appliances" that let you archive the data according to tags you can search on later ? With automatic personalised messages to the senders ? I have received your message but you will have to hype more your message because it didn't seem that urgent. I will read it when it is urgent. I have today already receveiced 500 urgent messages. The best thing would be autoprint. You can read and treat much faster than online. Autoprint all incoming filtered messages.

http://www.furl.net/item/31015356 will ITsecurity disappear as a business ? Off course not. The different industries have ignored security since so long in every aspect and ITsecurity is no fundamental part of any IT education that it will always be necessary to have people with a security or hacker (or both) around.

http://www.furl.net/item/31015404  50 GB of free online backup of your data.

http://www.furl.net/item/31013271 use RSS feeds in some smart ways

http://www.furl.net/item/31013099 a free solution for emailarchiving

http://www.furl.net/item/31010774 The EU is investing heavily in bittorrent technology - hopely some in security so that it doesn't become a bit 'botrent' technology

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Links for today

http://www.furl.net/item/31060859 free software to make plans for your offices or control room.

http://www.furl.net/item/31060819    free security cam software

http://www.furl.net/item/31060812 free software that you place on a USB stick

http://www.furl.net/item/31041269 how to make javascript and ajax safer

http://www.furl.net/item/31040741 how much was hosting costing 10 years ago

http://www.furl.net/item/31037971 how to convince your boss of a new idea

http://www.furl.net/item/31037933 European Copyright rules have changed

http://www.furl.net/item/31037891 Credit cards with fingerprints. The only problem with fingerprints is that it is also only an electronic file and there are other trics (as seen in movies :)). But it seems still better than nowadays.

http://www.furl.net/item/31037789 How to steal encrypted data the easy way

http://www.furl.net/item/31037772 Invisible shield helps against scratches on your screens but does it also defend against data leakage ? Remember the Dutch voting machines had this problem.

http://www.furl.net/item/31037448  host files for free without registration but use a proxy anyway.

http://www.furl.net/item/31037300 Gmail has two addresses so you can use one for your friends and one for the crap and place filters to redirect

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10 weblinks for today

http://www.furl.net/item/31067388  This is a way to use your mobile phone-cam to take pictures and have barcodes with them

http://www.furl.net/item/31066949 Meet me here because I have a mobile and it has location services. Smart service.

http://www.furl.net/item/31067223 How stupid managers can be. DIVX.com

http://www.furl.net/item/31067008 Electricity is too important to ignore, especially if it ain't there

http://www.furl.net/item/31066834 Web2.0 for Health services. They surely should begin reading about XSS before launching this. This will go clinical.

http://www.furl.net/item/31066787 OpenID begins to develop into something that even could be integrated with the US ID card (or some talk about it)

http://www.furl.net/item/31066781 Online print services are gaining force. So let's hack the printers online. Nothing as insecured as a printer nowadays.

http://www.furl.net/item/31065769  It is all about "cloud computing" (where services and data are located all over the web) but the outage of Amazon for several hours was more of a thunderstorm and even in a cloud system, the data has to be physical somewhere on something (that can break down)

http://www.furl.net/item/31065568  Have a watch on your online reputation before it is gone

http://www.furl.net/item/31065358 Create code for a mobile website the easy way. And make a simple text site if you are smart. Very few have 3G so text is the mass-medium.

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