• how many twitter related applications will go down this week  a joke or for real ? Hyped up by twitter, bringing so twitter even faster on its knees


  • not yet on Vista ? Go directly to windows 7 says Microsoft

    During last week's keynote address at the TechEd 2009 conference in Los Angeles, Microsoft Senior Vice President Bill Veghte said that corporate customers who had just started exploring a Vista deployment (i.e., weren't yet in the process of doing so) should hold off and wait for Windows 7, which he said Microsoft would ship in time for the holiday season.

    "If you're deploying Windows Vista ... you can utilize that," he said. "[But] if you're just starting your testing of Vista, I would switch over and do your testing on the [Windows 7] release candidate, and use that going forward."

    source WindowsITpro

  • Facebook blocking spreading in Belgium

    It takes too much bandwith

    It takes up too much time from users

    There is no difference between the professional use and the lighter aspects.

    If facebook wants to survive it will have to adapt and work together with the proxy firms at simple rules that will enable networks to use textbase (not so much connectionmaking) professional versions of facebook without all the vids, pics and apps

    And this is also for all the networkeating web2.0 initiatives and sites that say that the PC will do more of the work and the server will do less. This is coming back as a boomerang, the networkpc's aren't made to be used for that (nor should they be used in such a way)

  • Olympic streaming of video numbers

    In one of the single most ambitious media projects in history, NBC presented more than 3,600 hours of broadcast coverage during the 17-day event. Viewers of NBC's coverage of the Beijing Olympic Games used their PCs and laptops to access 2,200 hours of video that they could play back on demand, as well as 3,000 hours of highlights, rewinds, encores and scoring results. Individuals are also watching video and viewing results on their smartphones. Here are some of the record-breaking video traffic statistics:

    • Video Streams: 75.5 million for Beijing, 10.8 million for Athens and Torino Games combined (+601%)
    • Unique Users: 51.9 million for Beijing, 25.2 million for Athens and Torino Games combined (+106%)
    • Page Views: 1.24 billion for Beijing, 561.1 million for Athens and Torino Games combined (+122%)

    my comment So lets conclude, the number of viewers only doubled and they only viewed double the number of pages, but they clicked on 6 times more streams. The problem is that these numbers don't differentiate between live streaming and hosted video so the network impact isn't that clear. Secondly it is not clear if they used proxies and mirrors or embedded videos with it.