• national newspapers will continue to suffer unless they interconnect

    You read since years that newspapers will disappear because of the internet and that you will have to pay for all that and that newspapers are old news. You will read all kinds of standard tried-all-that-before solutions that effectively won't make a difference such as online payments, cut staff, develop stupid online versions and the likes.

    What you won't read is the following

    Newspapers are only worth buying if they give things you can't find online

    * this can be the easy format and organisation of the news (online is a clicking chaos) that you can go through in a few minutes

    * large interesting articles that you won't read online (because it is not handy and it is more difficult to fastread on a screen than on paper)

    * articles that you won't find online because they are behind paid walls and because they are published because of agreements between newspapers.

    Newspapers are now more online islands in a see a news. As long as they only stay islands some will disappear. For me a good quality newspaper has three things

    * quality reporting, investigations and different opinions (facts, history and necessarily knowledge about the issues)

    * an interesting online presence in which you will find for each item the files or reports to download, the links to the sources and other interpretations and the possibilities to follow up on the issue). The online newspapers may be twice or three times as big as the real newspaper if you would print it out.

    * articles from different newspapers around the world about the subjects that are published in the newspaper (because they are imminent or will soon become so) or online because it is part of one of the subjects. If newspapers want to survive they should work together.

    For example I read every week the NYT supplement of Le Monde. And so I think of hundreds of other possibilities. As there is no money it would be based upon bartering.