• Document of the day : European Union and Georgia, where next

    ECFR Policy Brief: Can the EU win the peace in Georgia?

    Published on 25 August, 2008

    In the aftermath of the Russia-Georgia conflict, a new report by the European Council on Foreign Relations urges the 27-member European Union to stand united and act to prevent wider political fallout on the continent.

    “The EU should help forge a positive peace from a war which threatens the foundations of the European security order, and should actively engage with its Eastern neighbourhood to resolve ‘frozen conflicts’ and avert new crisis,” authors Nicu Popescu, Mark Leonard and Andrew Wilson argue.

    The conflict has sent shockwaves across the post-Soviet space – yet short-term sanctions and punitive action against Russia would be counterproductive. Instead, the EU should follow up the six-point peace agreement with a comprehensive regional strategy for Eastern Europe and the South Caucasus.

    Download the full report: http://ecfr.eu/page/-/documents/ECFR-Georgia-Policy-Brief.pdf

    today the European Union said they would do nothing really but what did you expect ?

  • updated : Why Obama will probably not win the election

    we give here views and news that you won't read elsewhere in the Belgian press and especially when this has a big influence on the rest of the world what is the case with the American presidency.

    Although the Democratic Convention will start next week, there are a few things we shouldn't forget before letting ourselves been taken away by the festivities and speeches. Dukakis left his Convention with an advantage of 13 points in the opinion polls and he lost the election big time. His main democratic contender Clinton watched from the sidelines (gave a big speech) and just waited his chance next time.

    First Obama lost the popular vote and won in the backrooms of the caucuses and dealings around the distribution of the delegates. The main election is about the popular vote - even if there is a system with electoral votes - one has to win big time if one doesn't want to be embroiled another time in dubious problems with machines and counting practices in some state.

    Secondly Obama is black and even if all the blacks vote for him, this will never be enough to be elected. So he has to convince the backs that he is very black and all the others that he ain't very black but is like them. The problem has come up when he refused to distance himself from a series of persons of the black conscious movement that merely preach and distribute antiwhite sentiment and books. Hearing and reading about such stuff can even put white liberals off.


    Thirdly Obama is a liberal in the american way. Nothing bad about it, only most of the electorate is not liberal. So he has to show to the liberals in the party and outside that he is liberal enough (won with students and in cities) and try to show the countryside that he is no liberal (lost in the countryside and traditional blue collar worker)

    Fourth Obama is a talker. He talks and dreams and talks and promises and talks. After a while people get fed up with talk and talkers and just go on with everyday life without listening anymore. His wife talks also a lot only she hasn't learnt anything about diplomacy and just flips soundbites out that will be used very happily by his opponents.


    Fifth Obama is silent on a lot of other stuff that isn't cleared out and in which he didn't want to confirm or deny reports. It are mainly his dealings with a fraudulent lobbyist with the Chicago city council.


    but he has chosen Biden as VP (a man while never before so many women voted)

    and if you think this is already ugly, this is only the beginning and they won't have to search for personal stuff and most of the stuff he spoke or wrote about himself. Shooting yourself in the foot that is called.

    A last thing as his ratings are going down fast, he is losing with his core public as well and that will pose problems but maybe our perception of the world has changed after the Russians are still in Georgia and that has maybe changed the perception of what we want in a president (who cares about the vice president ?)in times that look far more dangerous than a year ago and where the big problems in Iraq are small beer compared to the global problems this (ex) world leader faces.