• the lifting of the belgian firewall not global

    My ISP has lifted it but I can't disclose which one. But others seem not to have lifted it. In any case there is no legal reason to keep the firewall up as the reason for it is gone. The question is if they are going now to pull another one up against the new US based website.

    well if you want to go behind it, you can still get one of those proxies we are publishing above.

    and ask your ISP to get it down that firewall as one big one has already done.

    You can publish here where it is up or not. If there is enough reaction we will follow the situation.

    ps it could also be your cache in your Internet explorer or the proxy of your network that is serving you the wrong page.

  • Belgian firewall around lifted

    Some weeks ago some people thought that it was a good idea to put a firewall between the Belgian surfers and which was publishing pictures and addresses from Belgian Free but convicted child predaetors. This is illegal under the Belgian privacy law and the Privacycommission (which doesn't have other things to do ?) declared together with the minister of Justice that this should be blocked.

    But as we all known and have shown several times around here. Firewalls and blocking have only a limited effect because there are so many other possibilities to circumvent those that after a while they become useless.

    The firewall was also becoming really stupid as the owners of the site launched another site and stopped publishing the personal details of those free child predaetors. You can in fact republish that information on thousands of sites which would be impossible to block with the technology today (unless you would be investing millions, not to say billions).

    So the firewall was lifted. The decisionmakers may say that they have succeeded because the personal details aren't published anymore on that site (which is right) but they have also failed because they will now be published on an US site under US hosting law and freedom of speech. Try to make a courtcase out of that without having the whole world read how you are trying to silence such a site while the number of child kidnappings (that luckily failed untill now) has gone up the last few weeks. Or this is what the press is reporting. But as parents like us have learned since the Dutroux saga that we have to learn our kids some tricks and tips and are much more prudent it will become much harder for such a predaetors to find their victims.

    The Belgian convicted pedo's will be for all to see here

    I still believe that professional organisations and instutions who work with children or around children should be able to check the pedo background of their (future) employees. Pedo's should never be able to work with or around children ever again.