• publishing 1200 fast up webproxies in an original way

    When following the Iranian protests and the problems that people are having to get past the different filters some things were becoming clear

    * special proxyports were easy to close down (proxies should go on normal ports like 80 some Iranian ISP's even closed ports like 8080

    * proxylists were being copies and pasted in blacklists (but there are babout half a million of them on the web with hundreds or thousands new ones popping up every day) So there should also be a distribution that would make it more difficult to make those lists.

    * proxies should be fast. When we tested proxies many timed out or were so cluttered with ads that in an iranian situation you wouldn't be able to upload anything without being found out (deep packet inspection).

    * many listings of proxies were outdated, just copies and were not really tested. You found listings in which half of them were in fact advertising or spam or whatever. So we let a webshottaker control those and gave a website 5 seconds to respond. We tried to select from those those that looked really like a proxy. It can be that this situation has changed since than.

    There is no quality label for proxies and so people using a proxy have no knowledge at all about the dangers or possibilities of those proxies. You never know who is behind a proxy or where it is placed and there is no software through which you could collect all that information. Some freedomloving group should develop that, it wouldn't be that hard (whois, geoip, server hosted version, response time, privacycontrols, ssl version and ssl security,....). So they could collect a series of real good proxies that could be used by the activists. I wouldn't throw that in the public arena.... But it is a necessity.

    So go to and find the proxies you need

    If we could help kill the internetcensorship and help democracy activists with that and make it censors a bit more difficult - the better.