• most stupid sex linkscam seen yet

    I recently went out with a beautiful girl named Katy. I thought we were a such great couple, everything was cool, up to the day where I found her in OUR bed with another guy.

    You can understand how I felt when I saw that : I broke immediatly up with this bitch, and I wanted to revenge myself.

    And I remembered the photos I had from her... You understood, I decided to put them photos online, and I hope that as much people as possible will see them photos.

    Here is a link, it's YOUR link. You can give this link to your friends, and the more people click on it, the more photo you'll be able to see. There are 77 photos : one click = one additionnal photo. If 100 people click on your link, a video of Julia will appear.

    and they expect us to believe that ....... 

    there is a link to an online payment inlogservice that is being paid by the minute so don't download anything.....

  • Even with paypal you should control the amount

    This is a video by a Belgian blackhat marketeer - you know the ones that don't want to be called spammers - about how you can trick someone into accepting payment for a product that is much less than the seller should get.

    The problem is that Paypal doesn't hardencode the amount somewhere backoffice so it is totally depended on the numbers it gets from the buyer and/or seller. If the buyer than for example does the percentage trick with a number (1.20 dollar instead of 120) and the buyer doesn't have the time to check everything and just blindly trusts Paypal (that doesn't ask to reconfirm that the sum was indeed that low) than the deal - or theft for others works.

    Paypal could easily block this by letting the sellers set a minimum sum or by offering only round prices as an option. More fundamental is that each product online should be enregistered somewhere in the backoffice and a check of the order and the backoffice copy would have sent an automated response to the buyer. It doesn't work on ebay. So maybe paypal could learn something from ebay....