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  • Honey@home help constructing a worldwide attack monitoring network

    Honey At Home is the "@home" implementation of the NoAH project, aiming to facilitate the gathering of information on cyber-attacks. It is designed to be simple to manage and lightweight on system resource usage .Many broadband connections offer the end user an option that was not available up until now: allocating more than one IP addresses for one connection. Bussiness connectivity packages available to small-to-medium enterprises usually make available blocks of four up to eight IP addresses. However, not all of them are used, creating an opportunity for NoAH to manage this space. An increased geographical coverage enables researchers in the NoAH project to better understand the spread of malware. Just like other "@home" approaches, which take advantage of processing power available on idle desktops, honey@home takes advantage of "idle" IP address.

    Honey@home interacts with a centralized honeypot to respond to received traffic. The IP address can be either obtained through DHCP or configured statically. It runs in the background and when the user clicks on its tray icon a window with statistics is displayed. These statistics include packets and bytes received as well as a breakdown of received traffic by protocol.

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    a publication about their work can be found here and here