• A good belgian joke, in the current crisis and some developoer madness

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    ICF 2005 - Federalism

    Federalism: Turning diversity into harmony, sharing best practices. The Third International Conference on Federalism is a joint initiative of federal and ... - 21k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this 
    joke : this is what we all thaught ...... in 2005
    But seriously now, this webdeveloper places a lot of information about sites they are developing on his own site
    and this ain't very serious because you can so get information without going to the site itself and so you can prepare
    your attack. It isn't the only webdeveloper doing such things and some go even further

    and these sites aren't that important, one about the prices of oil for heating and another for asylm (or should we phish it to sell study licences in Belgium ? - Mad mind is back from Holiday I see, getting into full swing)