• twittering and blogging - senseless discussion

    There is some discussion about the number of bloggers that have changed to twittering and how sorry some feel that those bloggers have gone.

    They have not gone. They were just copy/past bloggers or just adding links withoiut much comment and found that twittering was much easier and better for them.

    So it is better that those links/small ideas bloggers have found a better tool.

    My simple links are on twitter and now and the thoughts and facts that need more than 160 characters are here. 

    Each medium has its advantages and let us use eacht at its best advantage.

  • the closed environment of skynetblogs and the need for opennes

    If I want to send my dijgo bookmarks automatically to this blog than I can do that with most other blogs but not with this platform

    because this is the response I get

    Could not find any API for your blog. Click Back to try another blog, or click next to manually configure your blog.

    which means in fact that skynetblogs says

    I don't want to interoperate or co-operate with the rest of the world

    or better said

    we are not web2.0, we are not social

    and so you are

    a small island on the social web that is watching how everything else is passing by

    smart people, don't you think ?