connecting the terrorism dots

As journalists are just trying to win the battle to keep up with the incoming stream of facts, happenings, events, comments and non-events to connect the dots, this makes for some very strange stories around here

Yesterday there were articles that some people were quite upset that two militar supersonic warplanes flew over Bruges and Ghent and were responsable for some small damage.

Today there is a story that about 6 to 13 alquaida members are running free around in Brussels because the intelligence and police forces have not enough information to keep them between bars. The other half of their cell that was about to launch a new terror front in Europe out from Brussels are behind Bars for the moment thanks to the information that US satellites and services collected during the last year.

What do the 2 stories have to do with each other. Well it seems that a civil airplane didn't respond to any contact by the air trafficer controllers and that the two planes were sent to escort the plane.

What is so important around the Bruges. It is Zeebrugge, the largest LPG station of Europe. A terrorist attack with a plane on that target would have been felt and seen by a very large region (and have some dramatic economic consequences).

What would the planes have done if they didn't had contact with the planes and saw that it is was only the result of chosing the wrong radio frequency ? Shoot the plane if it started to descend above the LPG habor ?

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Some anti-terrorist lecture and news for this week


The terrorist networks in Pakistan and Western Europe (of which Belgium harbors the funding organisations..... GLobal relief and its shadow- organisations) and also read this and in Afghanistan is Tracking Taliban funding key to their defeat, say journalists

* Deadly U.S. "Buzzers" (drones) Fray Nerves In Pakistan
http://www.nytimes.com/reuters/world/international-pakist... well they ain't winning the hearts with this one because the Pakistani military are not targeting the taliban as one claims.

Maybe they see the Pakistani intelligence officers working with the Taliban in Afghanistan.

* Pakistan: Containers found with radioactive material and Dr. A. Q. Khan, Pakistan’s notorious nuclear scientist, is under threat of being kidnapped and bundled out of the country in a joint Israeli-American operation that could take the lid off Pakistan’s massive nuclear and strategic arsenal. Pakistani security officials went on red alert in the last week of June 2008 after receiving information that Israel’s Mossad, possibly in a joint operation with some elements from CIA, is planning to kidnap Dr. Khan, who lives in a house in an Islamabad suburb, and take him out of the country.  

or maybe those containers were also for North Korea or maybe that is not as important as the permanent stream of articles about terrorists going nuclear.

And even if Bin Laden dies, there is his son ready to follow him in his footsteps. Osama Bin Laden's 16-year-old son calls for Britain's 'destruction' in new terror video while the tribal areas of Pakistan are also a safe heaven for the propaganda producing facilities of the jihad. But maybe hs is just one of the victims of the push by Qaida to recruit children.


some Qaida groups 'leaving Iraq for Sudan, Somalia' but not everyone
Somalia seems the most disturbing because it would be easy to disturb the oil traffic a new strategy that has been flowing around in some documents and videos from Al Qaida. When you look on a map you will see that this failed state is a very strategic geopolitical place, which is the only reason why the French and the US are having troops and ships around (and drones flying above....)

Other news

  • Kuwaiti Daily: Hizbullah Arming Missiles with Korean-Made Chemical Warheads
  • Sarkozy's Chief-of-Staff: Everyone Should Be Interested in Ending Syria's Isolation
  • ICC prosecutor to seek arrest of Sudan's president for genocide
  • Financial Jihad = Shari'a Finance = The Fifth Generation Warfare (5GW)
  • Lebanese banks with U.S. branches sued for servicing Hizbullah accounts
  • The World of Passports in the Criminal/Terrorist Nexus
  • WCCR Suspects “Sinister Activities” May Be Behind Recent Earthquakes in Lebanon
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