• Encryption and diskwiping software can be illegal in Belgium or not ?

    If you interpret the Belgian Cybercrime law and some other laws and interpretations very strictly, you can come to the indictment that having encryption or disk sweeping software on your computers can be illegal and that you can be fined or prosecuted for this.

    Based on first reports in the press this is now the case - and it is a first. They claim that the (ex) terrorists of the CCC who were arrested the last days (even if their activities go back as far as the 28th of april according to the video we have published before) were so for having pictures that could be used to make false passports and for having disk sweeping software on their computers. 

    First it is astonishing that even after the publication of so many articles about the interception and forensic capabilities of our (and other) intelligence services some people still use digital communications.

    Secondly it is astonishing that they really believe that the software they use really will sweep all the traces of their activities on the disks. The only way to do this is to break the disk in a thousand pieces. Period.

    Thirdly it is astonishing that they would be prosecuted on this basis because it probably won't stand in court and would give them another victory and propaganda forum. They could present themselves as martyrs for free radical speech. It smells like the PKK prosecutions. Let's hope that there is more to it.

    Fourth trying to use the CCC as the test-case to make the possession of encryption technology and disk sweeping software illegal - even under some circumstances, is a bad choice. Because even if we dislike the CCC as much as Al Quaida or Blood and Honor, trying to make this illegal is very difficult for security officers. We use that software every day. Many have it on laptops and other IT devices and infrastructure at home or in their possession. And even if it is being used, the court should make it very clear in very clear practical terms why which use under which circumtances would be illegal. Anything that lets room for interpretation will pose bigger problems than it will solve.

    We hope they have other evidence that came out of nearly one year of phone taps. Astonishing that they even used their phone....  

    Oh and just to make it all complete. According to his lawyers and this video the explosives were restants of the fireworks he launched at .... his wedding party last may.

    But at the other hand. You can't organize solidarity meetings with active terrorists in another European Democratic country and at expect that we would look the other way. The hardest part is to make your case in accordance with the law and trials in a democractic country.