• twitter as fast updater when you are under DDOS attack

    We know that twitter has been used for spam and nonsense but when you are under attack or when news events are happening there is nothing as global and as fast as twitter and even more if you use several tools to include video and photo's (see and the page with twitter tools - there is also a page with twitter updates from securityservices and -people)

    But twitter has also been used to organise and informe about an incredible massive attack against dnseasy (50 GB/min coming out from China mostly).

    This is the archive (in reverse order)

  • Everything is resolving for the past few hours without problems. Some West Coast traffic is going to Dallas, should have this fixed soon.
  • Almost back to normal in all locations. Full explanation, details, and SLA credits will be given to all users as soon as possible.
  • @IOFlood The good: Not everyone was down, not all locations were down at once. The bad: There were temporary regional outages.
  • @Stevenup7002 Thanks. We're getting this figured out and we are going from this to planning the next network upgrade.
  • Well... identified most of the AS networks probably.
  • Identified all of the AS networks that are attacking our systems. We are modifying BGP announcements now.
  • Can we just say that hands down. "@DNSMadeEasy customers are the best on the planet." and.. we are working on this.
  • This is flooding the provider's backbones. By far the largest attack we have had to fight in history.
  • Just so everyone knows. There is no device we could have installed to prevent this. This is flooding our backbones.
  • Trying to organize emergency meeting with all Tier1 providers. We probably have over 50 senior network admins looking into this.
  • Level3, GlobalCrossing, Tinet, Tata, and Deutsche Telekom are working on this with our network team.
  • @jamiekrug You rock my friend.
  • Update.... Over 50 Gbps... we think. Since core Tier1 routers are being flooded in multiple cities.....
  • @jerfree Some areas all 5 or 6 are working. Some areas 2 are working, some unfortunately are at 0 for a little bit. We are working on it.
  • Out of China. Over 20 Gbps.... Don't really know how big actually. But it's big. We know it's over 20 Gbps
  • @DTB Still working on this. First problem we have had that we could not fix in over 9 years. We will make this right.
  • Found the domain, found the attackers. All providers are working on us to get resolution. Systems are working now just slow.
  • @aizkiub We are limiting it as we speak. We get attacks all of the time, this one is quite large and unique.
  • We are aware of the DDOS, we will take care of this as soon as we can.


    does your ITdepartment already have some official Twitter account ? You never know if you would need it and mail and SMS are not working or not appropriate if you have so many customers or stakeholders

  • follow the news about the vulcano in real time

    You can do that on twitter here - which shows why this has become the main realtime news forum.

    Some interesting links, maps and pics are saved here