CNN sends out live video of battle for Gaza city

very strange

just background noises and a cam that is trying to find where the shooting and shelling comes from

and sirens and cars and shots and loudspeakers and airplanes

is a bit as if you were sitting in a bunker just hearing noises - but I think the noises would be totally different

hope this is all over soon by some kind of truce

It is night now but I don't think people will be sleeping much as you hear the helicopers, cars and airplanes and shooting sometimes

Makes you also wander that war is not something fast but extremely slow with a few highlights between the hours and days of positioning and skirmishes

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Israel - gaza at war on Youtube

This is the official Israelian presentation / selection of video



These are the press images


these are the videos and presentations that are being loaded up in realtime by whoever


 Watch this satellite view of the war


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