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  • Web2.0 hype and elections : blablabla

    After Obama there was and is still much hype about the fact that Obama has won the elections thanks to the web. Which is pure bullshit of course. It makes the communications over such a big geographic location with such dispersed voting blocs more professional and easy but it didn't switch or make the election.

    What made the election (besides the fact that the Clinton campaign was chaotic) was in fact that in the primaries he had the best field workers on the ground everywhere and was using every internal administrative trick in the book to get every delegate he could. If you looked behind the hype you could see that during the fight with Clinton it was not about the web, it was about the very local rules about the local primaries and delegates. For those who have read also his biographies in those newspapers at the same time, he won his senate seat the same way. He is known to be a street fighter in politics with much more attention to policy and rules and dealmaking than to soundbites and speeches. Those were different, but they didn't make his victories.

    But all those things are lost after an election and only the rethoric and the drama are kept in history.

    So some journalists say that this election here will be decided by twitter and facebook and the web and the candidates are all losing time and effort on those things in the hope of getting some attention (and dream about the votes). But this is not important. For the moment it seems like "this is not an election' because it seems as nobody really cares about this election on the surface.

    The political parties have their facebook and their twitter but the number of friends on these is just absolutely ridiculuous in comparaison with the web2.0 hype.

    CD&V has a bit more than 1000 friends (the greatest party in fact)

    and Vlaams Belang who has much more leverage on the web than in the mainstream media has about 5000 friends (but many more voters)

    Facebook ? Who cares ? Just an addendum not something to lose your time on when there are a lot of other activities that can have a real impact.

    It is much more important to have a really good integrated website and extranet to keep your message and actions coordinated and professional.

    The rest are drops in the ocean. You have no idea what it will add to your popularity and what the risks are.

    It will only explode if you can make your message the center of the electoral debate. And here again, the main center of action is OFFLINE not online. Your Online success depends totally on your OFFLINE success and not vice versa. Whatever the smart marketeer wants to tell you.

    And the same goes for a lot of other stuff and products.

  • some changes at my facebook page (news)

    I have added the twitterfeed for informationsecurity (about 100+ rss feeds of infosecurity twitterfeeds)

    I have added this feed from this blog to the RSS application

    If someone knows how to make interesting ITsec applications for Facebook, contact me because the available platforms made me nuts

  • poor facebook environment

    while everybody is looking at the way facebook will handle the privacy crisis and how many millions of users will add themselves to the tool, it is only if you have been playing around a bit in their application environment that you understand that this is their weakest link.

    If you are used to netvibes and the simplicity of adding links, rss feeds and other stuff to your pages than you are quite astonished that they have made it so difficult in Facebook while they should have made it much more easy because of the scale of their operation.

    It is also something that you see in other pages, the number of feeds and applications is quite limited

    so facebook may be fun to poke at and to leave some discussions and some pix and stuff like that it is far too limited to be a working environment to stay around too long (the number of other things on the real internet that you will miss will be much too great if you do such a thing).

  • Google Voice and the military and international communication overall

    It has gone a bit out of sight over here but in the US Google is beginning to make its biggest push/change in international communications ever seen. We have seen companies come and go that have said that they will change the whole international telecommunication scene/industry but this maybe the one.

    - For those still believing in Skype or other VOIP services they will only make money as long as they have so many other additional services that make it worthwhile to pay them so much more than Google Voice is charging. I think encryption, anonymous calling and automatic translating or recording and writing out or faxing the conversations are such services

    - For those still believing that Apple will succeed in keeping Google Voice long enough from the Iphone and ripping off their customers (believers) I should remind you that Google has the money and the infrastructure to set it all up webbased (cloudcommunication and webservices and all that).They have - contrary to Twitter - the infrastructure and the money. (Twitter should have sold its business for a lot of money when it had the chance to do so as Yahoo had - the only way for Twitter now is down - except if these servers and failover and backup and proxy and security services and infrastructure are rented tomorrow)

    The system is quite simple. You get a free local telephone number. So all your calls with Google Voice to another Google Voice user (but it could be opened up) are local. They are now giving invites (privileged first access) to the families of the US soldiers fighting overseas (and to the soldiers also). This makes it for the military and their families much cheapier to stay in close contact (although not sure that every commander thinks that this  is always a good thing - going to war with your mum or wife following you daily in every step you make).

    Off course this will be gradual because the infrastructure you need will be huge (it also makes interception demands from regimes and police services easier because it all goes through a server and everything that happens on a server can be tapped and or monitored).

    But telephone calls are becoming something very usual nowadays. We have and make telephone calls throughout the day to anyone we can think off wherever they are (I remember other times that were not that far off). The cost of those communications is relatively small in comparaison with before (although very high in Europe compared to the US and even in Europe you can get better deals in some countries). And so telephone calls have become an 'added product'. It is not something on which you make a lot of money. Your money is made on additional products. In Europe this is roaming (the connection between international calls). The European Commission wants those costs to go further down.

    It should invite Google to come to Europe with its Voice product. It is already building a huge datacenter in Belgium close to a river. Lliberating the telephone market in the same way they have liberated and changed the search markets and the closed portals could mean a big thing.

    On the condition that Google can't make a connection between your telephone number (real address and name) and your Google identity. This is today the case Or you should make a new Google account that will have no link to your other Google account with which you pay your bills and other premium services from Google. While you surf and use the free services under another account.

  • twitter is email, IM and SMS but only open and free

    Everybody has been surprised about the success of Twitter, but in fact it is really simpel. The old slogan, keep it simple stupid.

    The problem with email, IM and SMS is that you need hardware, sometimes even specific hardware and what is even more, you need software and sometimes even specific software that is configurated in sometimes a very specific way and that you have to defend and protect with a lot of rules and securitysoftware.

    This all to send some messages like "hi mum everything is fine, how are you"

    So there comes twitter that gives you the possibility to send all those things out from your webbrowser, an app or whatever cellphone or smartphone you may have.

    Bingo, the jackpot for the creators of this very simple idea. Like email, IM and SMS were. Everybody was surprised that email was used so intensively and SMS was dismissed when it was first presented.

    But even in the time of webcams, vids and social webpages, the Hi, how are you is just as fine and as good as it can get.

    Only now it becomes as complicated as it became when IM, email and SMS became such important parts of our permanently communicated always on life. You need infrastructure, you need security, you need maintenance and you need to keep the whole of connected appliances a bit in order so that certain standards are used.

    Can twitter be brought down. At one side we will all be twittering sometime in our life but we won't know it. Just as we send SMS, email and IM messages around without knowing who was the first firm to develop it.  At the other side twitter can only survive if it stays as open and global as it can be. While communities and social web2.0 projects are building walls and technical communication problems between them, we should always be able to twitter with those from the other side.

  • the jew problem of Google

    While reading forums about hate on social media I came about this strange fact. Google gives antijewish, even hate sites as responses when you just type in jew. It has tried to explain this but what is strange is that this explanation page is not the first result (as if they couldn't fix this....).

    ssl keys_01 Nov. 06 13.08

  • Facebook has battlegrounds of hate instead of contacts and exchange

    "We still have a long way to go, but thanks to the effort of the admins of this group who worked in tandem with the JIDF to recruit thousands of you to report and help remove numerous hate groups over the past several months, over 100 more anti-Semitic and terrorist Facebook groups are now gone from the JIDF's original list."

    but much more work is being done now by antiracists here on facebook itself

    As the election of Obama showed it is not what you are but who you are that is important.

    there are still many other racist groups on facebook

    I Was Born In The Uk. So Why The Fuck Do I Have Less Rights Then Immigrants 118 104 membres

    If you don't like England then fuck off back to where you came from! 84 117 membres

    Sick of being branded a racist because we are proud to be English!!

    and a religious online war

    **Facebook Must ShutDown the group :"Fuck Jesus Christ"** 245.000 members

    if we are 100.000 people they will delete group (fuck islam) 182.000 members

    hay facebook admin... you should delete the group """fuck islam""directly! 112.000 members


    facebook should delete the group( Fuck Christianity)

    facebook,if u dt delete(fuck islam)group..we muslims r gonna leave ur site

    How this all can strengthen the vision of facebook as a happy exchanging and meeting people community is a big question. For people who in real life have also to manage communities or groups of people, you know that you will need organizers and rules and preventive actions before things get out of hand. And another question is why Facebook is finding it normal that its infrastructure is being used by organisations that just want to dispell hate and racism (against 'the international declaration of human rights'). Let them build their own forums and groups if they just want to dispell hate.