• It is good to know when the police will come knocking

    Some sick people have exchanged or downloaded porno with kids and they were so many (bored with normal porn or just good sex ?) that they overcharged a server of a German ISP who found all that traffic on its fileserver a bit too much to be normal and had a look at what was happening.

    They informed the police and the police came (with the press in their footsteps). The articles were published all over the world and the world knew that

    a. there were 12.000 people involved in more than 70 countries

    b. the police was still investigating all the logs and material

    c. the police will still have to visit each of them for interrogation and probably the confiscation of their computers. In Belgium they will do this next week they say in the newspapers.

    So, but how many will have changed address, ISP, computer or have thrown away everything they have that looks like computerdata ? And the interrogation will go a bit like this probably :

    Oh, Why did I throw my computer away? It was so infected with viruses and hacked all the time that I just bought a new one and destroyed this one completely. Oh and all that data ? I threw it also away because there would probably be so many viruses on it that I would just infect my new computer and I didn't want to take any risk. You say that I went to a German server ? But I don't speak german ? No, I only read the newspapers on the internet, look at my internetuse now. It must have been viruses or what do they call them, botnets and trojans that kind of stuff....

    Ok you can have other evidence and logs but it still will have to stand up in court against any reasonable doubt. And how many prosecutors would take the risk of having one weak case that could blow all even the stronger cases off the table because there is not enough inrefutable evidence ?

  • More information about the Belgian firms blacklisted by the USA

    If you take a holistic view of security, than the security of your data is also dependent on who uses it or has access to it. And the security of your business or your business reputation can also depend on your partners or business contacts. So some business background checks aren't so bad to do from time to time.

    So our background researchers (you won't see them posting here) came up with the following information about the firms and persons that are on the list of businesses/contacts that are denied access to do any business with the US.



    And in both firms we find the same person back






  • The US banned from export-import list

    The US publishes a list of firms and persons that are banned from any import or export with or to the US. The only list that is correct (we found many other links that are in fact very outdated) can be found here


    These are the Belgians that we found on the list

    AMERIKALEI 96, ANTWERP, BE 04/25/1988 04/25/2008 standard Appropriate Federal Register Citations: 53 F.R. 15582 5/2/88 and 60 F.R. 14725 3/20/95

    ST. HUBERSTUSLAAN 15, SCHILDE, BE 06/16/1986 06/16/2016 standard Appropriate Federal Register Citations: 51 F.R. 22959 6/24/86

    LIERSESTEENWEG 96, RANST, BE 03/13/1995 04/25/2008 standard Appropriate Federal Register Citations: 53 F.R. 15582 5/2/88 and 60 F.R. 14725 3/20/95

    LIERSESTEENWEG 96, RANST, BE 03/13/1995 04/25/2008 standard Appropriate Federal Register Citations: 53 F.R. 15582 5/2/88 and 60 F.R. 14725 3/20/95

    AMERIKALEI 96, ANTWERP, BE 03/13/1995 04/25/2008 standard Appropriate Federal Register Citations: 53 F.R. 15582 5/2/88 and 60 F.R. 14725 3/20/95

    But we didn't find more info on Google about them so as they are old. There are otherwise a list of interesting firms and persons on it for any other country on the world you could do business with.

  • Norms and standards who makes what ?

    Standards and norms, you can run from course to course and from book to book and they will try to kill you with names and numbers and standards and norms and procedures and best practices and you know that you have to follow some somehow, but who does what ? Well to help you out from the jungle there is a free publication online (copy webpage)

    "Much of the key standardization activity in ICT is carried out by industry consortia rather than in formal or national standards organizations such as CEN and ISO. The CEN Has attempted for some time to provide information on these consortia, and here is edition no. 13 of the CEN/ISSS Standards Consortia List, which is amongst the most comprehensive available on the web. Consciously, however, not every standards consortium we know about is included. In order to qualify, consortia included on the list must meet certain criteria, including:

    • The organization must be international in outlook and scope, not simply an instrument of single-nation policy;
    • The organization must have an active and international membership;
    • The organization must not be set-up specifically as a single-vendor, government, or proprietary technology advocacy group;
    • The organization's work must be of importance to the areas of ICT standardization or its processes.

    Each organization's name, scope, available standards and contact information is provided together with available information on the organization's membership structure and size, information on its arrangements concerning IPRs in standards, and any certification or conformance programmes. Much of this data has been added since the previous edition. In an attempt to keep information current, we have also provided the date (as far as we could establish) that the information on the organization's website was last updated, and whether the organization has recently reviewed their entry on the list.

    Every effort has been made to ensure the information is as accurate as possible, however CEN cannot accept responsibility for any errors.

    Please do not hesitate to send us any additional information or corrections.