• US egov testlab finds windows 7 better than vista

    Windows 7 makes use of a tighter footprint than either XP or Vista, but it has retained some of the visual enhancements of Vista. Those of you holding onto your XP operating systems in hope of skipping over Vista and going right to Windows 7 are probably doing the right thing. That approach will help you avoid the bloat of Vista while moving to a more modern and easy-to-use operating system. Your performance shouldn’t take a hit, and it might even get a slight boost, depending on your configuration.

    Windows 7 didn’t heal sick and dying systems, but it did help them limp along once we cannibalized their brothers to bring them up to minimal specifications. It’s a victory that performance didn’t drop from XP, which we still consider one of the best operating systems out there. The fact that Windows 7 increased performance slightly across the board is pretty amazing, so perhaps that’s enough of a miracle for most folks trying to keep their systems running. It’s certainly enough to continue to look toward Windows 7 with an expectant, if not hopeful, gaze.