windows 7

  • the cheapest way to get windows 7 ? buy a new computer

    Microsoft has unveiled the consumer prices for Windows 7. Here's the rundown of prices for a full version:

        * Windows 7 Home Premium: $199.99
        * Windows 7 Professional: $299.99
        * Windows 7 Ultimate: $319.99

    The prices are lower for users who are upgrading from Windows XP or Vista:

        * Windows 7 Home Premium: $119.99
        * Windows 7 Professional: $199.99
        * Windows 7 Ultimate: $219.99

    But wait, there's more. Starting tomorrow, US customers will be able to pre-order the operating system at much lower prices:

        * Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade pre-order: $49.99
        * Windows 7 Professional Upgrade pre-order: $99.99

    Discounted Pre-order prices will also be available in Canada and Japan for the next few weeks. A pre-order program will launch in the UK, France, and Germany starting July 15th.
    There will only be a limited number of pre-orders available. But here's the other bit of good news. If you buy a computer running Windows Vista Home Premium, Business, or Ultimate from a participating OEM or retailer between June 26th, 2009 and January 31st, 2010, you'll likely be able to upgrade to Windows 7 for little or no cost.

    So if you count that a new PC or laptop costs about 400 Euro's than you have or the computer or windows 7 nearly free if you are running windows2000 (or older) because the prices for windows7 are rather high. It is really time to throw your older computer with windows2000 in the dustbin. THere is no way it can be defended and its hardware will by now begin to deteriorate bit by bit. You have no patches for it and less and less compatible software without bugs.

    And secondly why buy a professional if an ultimate is not so much higher ?

    I expect illegal upgradetools to become available soon.