• judge stops implantation of gsm tower

    A judge in Ghent has blocked the construction of a GSM tower near a school, scouts infrastructure and a residential area. He says that as long as it is not proven that the radiation from these towers is harmless it should be considered to be probably dangerous. He also said that the administration should have taken this into consideration before delivering a construction permit. He did so after a complaint by local residents. This is a first in Belgium.

    In Belgium there are three big GSM companies that each have their own tower infrastructure. There is no sharing and no discussion to outsource the infrastructure to an independent player who rents the installation to the different companies. Just as is done with the railways and for example the ports and airports. This could in fact lower the number of gsm towers to be installed in Belgium. There are hundreds of new gsm towers that have to be installed because of the introduction and marketing of the mobile datanetworks.

  • US goes ahead with testing cell phone jamming in prisons

    US Gov. Martin O'Malley said Monday he would consider going against federal law to hold a cell-phone jamming demonstration at a Maryland prison to help stop illegal cell phone use by prison inmates, but he hopes that won't be necessary.

    O'Malley's spokesman, Rick Abbruzzese, said the administration plans to send a request to the Federal Communications Commission for permission to hold a demonstration, but has not yet. The FCC has said the Communications Act of 1934 doesn't allow state and local agencies to use the technology, which prevents cell tower transmissions from reaching phones


    Well in Belgium it is also forbidden even if from time to time all cells are searched to find Cell phones which is ridiculuous. Banning cell phones is also an efficient civil disorder and anti terrorism tool.

  • the coming European skype mobile revolution

    so if you are making a lot of international calls in Europe you will be interested to buy an Iphone once the mobile networkoperators lift the restrictions

    "According to Emma Mohr-McClune Principal Analyst for Wireless Services Europe at Current Analysis "Skype is considerably more dangerous for European operators where consumers frequently make international calls, than the U.S., which is a single homogenous market and where Skype usage is lower. That’s why today, when 3G iPhone users in markets such as Denmark or Ireland attempt to place a VoIP call on the 3G iPhone Skype client, they receive a notification to the effect that Skype calls over 3G networks are currently not supported due to restrictions that may be placed on your data plan."

    A case for the European Commission no ? There is no way you may have cheaper international mobile calls, so if they are serious about getting these prices down, they should act so that skypetraffic is excluded from these dataplans or whatever that is used to limit skype.

    A reminder to network administrators, skype does take a lot of bandwith if your network doesn't have any to spare....