• is this the future of global mobile internet access ?


    it is still a plan and a project but it shows how mobile routers will look like in the future

  • why blue leds won a nobel price (you wouldn't watch this screen without it)

    "This year's Nobel Prize in physics was awarded to three Japanese scientists for the invention of blue light-emitting diodes (LEDs), a technology that has touched society in innumerable ways and enabled technologies that Americans take for granted every day.

    "Blue LEDs made possible the white-light LEDs you can buy in a hardware store and put in your house," said H. Frederick Dylla, executive director and CEO of the American Institute of Physics in College Park, Maryland. "You probably have [these LEDs] in your Blu-ray player or the display for your TV or computer screen."

    Without blue LEDs, the world wouldn't have backlit smartphones, TV and computer LCD screens, Blu-ray players, many forms of lighting and countless other technological marvels.

  • this is how the biggest new generation telescope would look like

    place Hawai

  • after the 3D ears and 3D printed hand when will we have a (perfect) 3D human ?

    we have already foot, ears, hands, and so on ..... now the inner parts

  • Some amazing numbers about the internet in 2013

    some numbers

    • 759 Million - Total number of websites on the Web
    • 510 Million - Total number of Live websites (active).
    • 103 Million - Websites added during the year i.e 2013
    • 43% of the top 1 million websites are hosted in USA itself.
    • 48% of the top 100 blogs/websites run on powerful WordPress.
    • 23% - Increase in the average page size of a website.
    • 13% - Decrease in the average page-load time.
    • 132.21 Million - Domains with '.Com' extension.
    • 328 Million - Registered Domains in the year i.e 2013.
    • 313.44 Million - Top Level Domains on the Net (.com, .org, .net, .gov etc.)
    • 1193 Million - Total number of registered Domains on the net (TLD's, ccTLD's etc.)
    • 35.24% - Market share of '', the  Largest Domain registrar on the Planet.
    • 14.3 Trillion - Webpages, live on the Internet.
    • 48 Billion - Webpages indexed by Google.Inc.
    • 14 Billion - Webpages indexed by Microsoft's Bing.
    • 672 Exabytes - 672,000,000,000 Gigabytes (GB) of accessible data.
    • 43,639 Petabytes - Total World-wide Internet Traffic in the year 2013.
    • Over 9,00,000 ServersOwned by Google.Inc, the Largest in the world.
    • Over 1 Yotta-byte - Total data stored on the Internet (Includes almost everything).
  • pingly wants to change email forever

    "Here are a few of the shortcomings we've identified with email and how Pingly plans to fix them:



    Shortcoming #1:


    Right now anyone can send you an email which is part of the beauty and simplicity of email, but that has also been abused.


    Pingly has a feature called "Connections" so that you can still receive messages from anyone, but Connections let you choose who and what is important. Think of it like friending someone on Facebook or following someone on Twitter so that it allows special priority and notifications to you.





    Shortcoming #2:


    Messages sent to you via email come in all forms, shapes and sizes. Text and HTML, confirmation and RSVP, download a file or print tickets. Those are all great things, but on the downside, because there aren't specific message formats, you the user are required to digest each message to figure out what the sender is trying to convey to you or which action to take.


    Pingly breaks messages down into different types such as: Conversation, Calendar event, Action required, etc. This way the messages are pre-digested for you in a familiar format that makes it easy for you to see the important information and take an action.





    Shortcoming #3:


    Email runs on older protocols like IMAP and SMTP that are around 30 years old and are hard for developers to work with.


    Pingly provides a REST API to developers to make creating apps around email or extending Pingly a breeze.

    not the first try and surely not the last one and too early too tell

    the best thing would be if the big mailservers and webmails would incorporate this thinking in their products as a side-service you could use or not - and it could become a Facebook breaker for the private and familly stuff which is much more difficult to manage on Facebook ever more complicated privacy and access controls

  • an interesting collection of things you can make yourself with 3D printers


  • the supersonic Chinese submarine for people and bombs


    the military will find this invention less than fantastic and it will set off another submarine development race

  • these small drones will keep those birds away

    at the coast they are having problems with the seagulls

  • after 4 years of delays Europe's first GPS Gallileo satellites are lost in space

    Four years behind schedule, Friday's launch in Kourou, French Guiana, of the first two fully operational Galileo satellites — the EU's answer to the U.S. GPS and Russian Glonass satellite navigation systems — was supposed to be a momentous occasion for the European space community. But after initially hailing the launch as a success, flight engineers on the ground noticed that the rocket had delivered the satellites into the wrong orbit.

    Officials from the European Space Agency, or ESA, which manages the Galileo project, have yet to declare the satellites officially "lost." But given their position relative to their intended orbits they are likely now useless.

    The Galileo navigation system is a flagship high-tech project for the EU-backed ESA. Its realization would curtail Europe's reliance on the U.S. GPS, which could be shut off by the U.S. military during times of war. It has also been billed as a European job creator, with the market for satellite navigation-based services expected to reach a value of $320 billion by 2020.

    ESA has budgeted 5 billion euros ($6.6 billion) for the project, which plans to have 30 satellites in orbit by 2017. The satellites that were lost on Friday were the first to be launched. They were uninsured

    They are expected to ....blablalbalbla

    so every region is now making its own GPS with its own technology and laws of use and cut-off

    guess which one is the most Advanced ?

    Oh yes, there are questions why we are using Russian satellites and if we should continue to use them ? shouldn't we build our own launchstations (we have them) and rockets to launch them ourselves if we are going to participate in the race in space

    A bit strange that a regional power let another eventually dangerous regional power launch something that has the uppermost strategic value

    I presume the European parliament will now start an investigation or doesn't it like to take its own parliamentary role seriously when European project are totally going beserk

  • not sure what they have smoked but these scientists made better batteries on hemp


  • Underground river splits earth in Mexico - like in the movies but smaller

    if you think about films about disasters in which continents or countries or cities are disappearing in earth because the continents go on the move or because underground streams make their way

    this is real in Mexico and it is about a KM long

  • maybe Belgium needs some floating powerstations like this

    we won't have enough electricity during the winter

  • the robot for roomservice


  • when a dickhead going jogging with Nike tracingtech, this shit happens


    what is next a bomb around buckingham palace, a vagina around parliament and so on ?

  • uber promises 3000 Euro a month to new drivers in the US

    "New drivers who sign with UberX could earn up to $5,000 their first month, guaranteed. That's according to the latest string of Uber billboards, which have been placed somewhat incongruously on Muni buses throughout the city.

    Five thousand dollars a month is no small change for a contract livery job. It's far more than the starting salary for a California public school teacher. It's more than the median salary for journalists. It's certainly a better paying gig than petty drug-dealing, though not quite as lucrative as high-profile ecstasy trafficking.

    It certainly beats driving a cab in San Francisco, though it's about commensurate with what one would earn driving a Muni bus. And it's still piddling compared to the $7,074 a month that a Facebook MBA intern might pull.

    this makes it a transportcompany whatever the status or contracts of their drivers