Netflix and Belgacom should work together in Belgium

Belgacom delivers digital tvsetupboxen in Belgium but just as with Telenet the other Partner of this Oligopoly (with some smaller players) they didn't deliver something that is anything near the démonstrations and présentations that they were giving at the start to political and technological influencers

* we have a very very small number of free tv channels (70) which is the double of what we had before but which is nothing compared to the hundred of tv channels  in the air and offered on the US cable networks

* there are few or no open air or public information tvstations while it was announced that by going digital we could install this kind of open media as is the case in the US

* there is only a connection to a few internetservices while with Chromecast at 30 Euro I can have the whole internet and my laptop on the TV

* there is no permanent Library of films, series and documentaries or concerts and the film passports of Belgacom are just boring (compared to the internet)

and so I could go on and on

so netflix on Belgacom would be interesting

and maybe after Netflix there maybe some or hundreds of other services of packages you could chose from ?

because once you have tried one transportation model, there are others (for example why not American Football or other sports or live concerts etc.....)

If it is on the internet and it can be connected to the Digital TVnetwork than where is the problem

otherwise the problem will be that when people look outside (on the internet) they will see a whole new world of information, sports and animation that they should be able to find through their digital tv

Belgacom should maybe also understand that mainstream tv has become enormously boring and repetitive

If Belgacom doesn't do it (and maybe get a lower price for its members and use the economy of scale) than my Chromecast and laptop will do it (as they already do) but the quality will not be the same

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#ukraine Putin has become doctor Strangelove becoming unpredictable


this is just a picture click the link and download the player


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netflix comes to Belgium, here are some guides (bye bye tv)

this doesn't mean that these films and series will be aviable for the Belgian audience but maybe they can give you some guidance in what in any case will be an enormous library right to your desktop (or your tv if you have a HDMI cable) just be sure that your internetconnection is unlimited if you will be a heavy user7



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The 25 Best Documentaries You Can Login To Netflix And Stream Right Now








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Belsectv documentaires/films about Rwanda

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Belsectv new selected documentaries about Putin, Russia, appeasement


Politics - Machiavelli

International -  Cold War

Crimea History

History - WOII

Russia - Putin

Russia - KGB/Secret service

Russia - special forces

Russia - army

Russia - Stalin

Russia history WOII

North Korea

ITlaw - Copyright

US - politics - Lobbies

Politics - UK

Politics - Arabic world

International - Africa


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full hourlong speech by Snowden about nsa, privacy and encryption

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#kiev 45min film in english with participants about Euromaiden

there is no end yet

the real end game is not for Euromaiden now but for the country as a whole


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video : kevin Phillips (usa 1990) how the rich became rich without paying taxes

he wrote also a few very intelligent books about the demise of the middle class

he was a Republican strategist but surely doesn't sound like one anymore

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documentary tracking a spy through computer espionage

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cinema director Resnais dies, "Hiroshima mon amour" is his masterpiece for which he will be remembered

and this is how to find (for a few days untill Youtube eliminates them once again) the film and the soundtrack



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film goodbye Lenin

a mother in Eastern Communist Germany shouldn't have any shock because of a medical situation

but when she recovers the Communist regime has fallen

and her children try everything to keep the illusion up

a very very good movie

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the danger of online free streaming of soccer matches for the soccerbusiness

especially the biggest clubs with the most overpaid players and managers

if you want to watch a match, type in Google the name of the match and the word stream

attention some will ask that you become member of a gambling site, propose to install videoplayers (don't) or redirect you to porn that may hijack your computer

there are always enough channels - not always from the best quality but it is free to watch your games and from time to time you have some advertising on which you have to search somewhere on it or next to the little cross to close it (and than go to widescreen as fast as possible as that makes the publicity never to come back) and sometimes you will need a refresh if too many people are watching also but you can also close down all other applications on your PC to make it faster

Broadcast-income-2012-13_chartbuilder (1)

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wednesday 9 - 10 Stand up for your rights - marley

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wednesday 9 - 10 no more heroes

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wednesday 9 - 10 the times are changing

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wednesday 9-10 Enemy of the state

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funny : switzerland opens an Sex-indrive (video)

even the reporter is having some fun ...

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watch Brasil (1985) and the problem of the national surveillance state

for educational reasons only

and this is the best explained reason why I also love this film (and it is an excellent educational tool)

Perhaps the greatest of all films

18 October 2002 | by mariogreymist (Seattle WA, USA)

I have read a lot of understandably negative reviews of the movie 'Brazil.' Brazil(in its proper form) is a long film at well over two hours, it has many cutaways to dream sequences that are only loosely related to the rest of the film, and the narrative story is not always the driving force of the film which many people find confusing. With all these things going against it, Brazil is clearly not a film for everyone.
All that being said, Brazil is my very favorite movie. Those things previously described as reasons that some people will dislike the movie are the very reasons I love it. The story is both simple and complex depending on how you look at it, and this kind of paradox is what makes for great art. There, I did it! I used the 'A' word, and not lightly. Brazil is an art film, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
Sam Lowry(Jonathan Pryce) is our hero, an unambitious bureaucrat within the ranks of the Ministry of Information. The only place he is willing to be more than a drone is in his dreams where he is some sort of angelic knight fighting to save his dream girl. While running an errand for work, Sam comes face to face with a woman who is the very image of the dream girl, and his life is forever changed when he surrenders his tranquil unambitious life in the attempt to pursue the woman.
This movie is less about the story than it is about the atmosphere in my opinion. Terry Gilliam is a visual genius, and this movie marks his peak(so far) in producing a visually stunning film, with due apologies to Adventures of Baron Munchausen and 12 Monkeys which are beautiful in their own rights. The oppression of the bureaucratic life is felt by anyone who watches this film, and the freedom experienced in the dreams is a fantastic counterpoint. This film does a wonderful job of evoking emotional responses for me, and I suspect for most of the fans of the film as well.
The film can be viewed at many different levels of complexity, from fairly simple to fully allegorical. The simple view would be that the movie is about the dreams we create to escape our dull lives, and the potentially disastrous results of pursuing them in waking life. Symbolically the film can be interpreted as a vicious attack on the status quo as an impersonal, consumer/beauty oriented beast that is upheld by a draconian adherence to regulations and invasive public policy. There are many other ways to see it, most of which are probably unintended, but certainly completely valid.
The best part about Brazil is that it is absolutely hilarious. Jonathan Pryce shows remarkable aptitude for physical comedy. The dialogue is as funny as any movie you'll ever see, though the humor is very dry, and often so subtle that you might not get a joke until a minute after it has passed. There are the occasional tidbits of out loud guffaws one would expect from a script that was partly written by Tom Stoppard, but there is not a constant barrage of this material.
Brazil is a very cerebral film, so if you are thinking, "What does cerebral mean?" you can probably skip it. Anyone who expects to have a story clearly spelled out for them, and done so in a concise manner with little background interference will hate Brazil. Brazil is a film for those who want texture, emotional involvement and some sort of deeper meaning.

Brazil is my favorite movie, but it is clearly not for everyone!


link to links



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the pentagon wars and ITsecurity

look at the movie and change the tank by an ITproject (the bigger the better)

oh and look what happens at the real auditor and what happens to the managers in the end

very good film according to imdb

the film may disappear from Youtube

the only reason the link is placed is because of educational reasons, it shows how productdevelopment (or code development works in reality and why both our code and our weapons are such a mess and are only made better when they are on the (virtual) battlefield)

I haven't stop laughing watching this movie

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looked like a superstorm at our Belgian coast but it luckily passed.....

we saw the sky changing from our window - not this - but the sky was becoming very dark and enlightened at the same time in a few minutes, the heavy wind came up and a few minutes later it started raining for about 10 minutes and than it passed - but it looked like this would be a huge one

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